The Catholic Center’s Response to COVID -19

In addition to following the directives of the State of Massachusetts, Northeastern University and the Catholic Church of Boston, the Catholic Center will be observing the following protocols.


Moving to Primarily Virtual Events

We are looking to primarily focus on creating programming for the virtual community for all of our events. So, whether a student is long distance or they are in Boston and they choose to stay more quarantined, our Catholic Center events will be available to all the returning community and to the new incoming freshmen in a virtual format.

NU Life (our weekly meeting) is primarily virtual for the semester. We are considering creative ways to be in small groups, with proper social distancing, for some parts of the NU Life programing.

Health in the Catholic Center Building

We have installed NU signage throughout the Catholic Center [CC] building reminding students to wash their hands thoroughly. These signs are posted in all the restrooms.
We will offer hand sanitizer at the front door upon entry.
Masks will be required to be worn at the CC at all times.
6 feet social distancing will be promoted.
There will be a sign-in log, so we can keep track of who has come to the Catholic Center and what day and time, in case we need to track down a person.
We are hoping to employ Work Study students to help with wiping the CC down regularly and keeping the place as clean as we can.
We are reducing building hours of Tuesday through Thursday being open from 11:00 am to 5:00pm, Saturdays we are closed, and on Sundays we are open only from 11:00am to 2:00pm. Mondays we are closed.

The 3rd Floor chapel will be open for prayer. There will be a max capacity of 4 people for chapel use.

Daily & Sunday Mass

Sundays we will be celebrating a 12:00pm and a 2:00pm at the Fenway Center with the occupancy size level at 50. You can register via the homepage.   

Daily Mass is offered at 12 and 4:15 PM Tuesday through Friday on the 1st Floor of the CC. Please register before hand.


We will be following all the diocese’s directives that have been put out thus far for worship services.