What Students Say

Current Students

Molly Foster, 4th Year

“I got involved in the Catholic Center because I wanted to be part of a welcoming community that would support me in my faith development and every other aspect of my life.”

Lumay Gomez, 4th Year

“One of the main reasons I’m involved at the CC is that it’s a place where people really care about who you are…and that’s something you don’t really find in a lot of places, especially in college…”

Sam Neumann, 5th Year
“The Catholic Center has been a great blessing to me. Being part of a community that’s so loving and so on fire for God has been the source of a lot of joy in my life.”

Recent Alumni

Dave Haig, 2020

“As I’ve gotten more involved with the CC community over the past four years, my desire to develop my faith and share it with others has continued to grow.”

Elizabeth Corsetti, 2020

“Being a part of the Catholic Center community has deepened my relationship with the Lord more than I ever anticipated, given me some incredible friends to run alongside as we grow in faith, and is something God has used to make me a much more confident and joyful person than I was when I first walked in the door.”